ARTís CORE COMPETENCY is our ability to fully integrate multi-sensor turrets, racks, workstations and displays, storage and recording equipment, and moving map and sensor management software. We are responsible for total mission system integration and both ground and flight testing. ART has designed, manufactured, tested, installed, and integrated their systems on a variety of airborne and ground mobile platforms.

Airborne platform integration of complex mission electronics.
  • Heavy focus on Gigabyte Multi-Level Secure (MLS) system architectures.
  • High performance workstation and display technologies.
  • High performance redundant database server and RAID storage subsystems.
  • Communication subsystems;
    • SATCOM terminals & radio subsystems.
    • Router and compression subsystems.
    • Encryption technology (IPsecV6, DES, AES).
    • Optical switching subsystems.
  • Application software integration (C2 and ISR).
    • Video and imaging processing.
  • Video and imaging processing.
  • Aircraft rack and console subsystems.
  • Heavy focus on power and power conditioning (filters, MOV, UPS).